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Chattanooga Torando Relief Trip - May 5-13, 2012
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GO SOULAR traveled to Chattanooga, TN to help with tornado relief and recovery efforts in May 2012. In joy and gratitude, we served from a selfless, loving and willing place, while holding the consciouness of perfection despite appearances.

Thanks to our caring, generous volunteers who helped "put prayer into action" -- Flo "Pony", Kittie, Linda, Ivy, Cy, Bob, Stanley, Kit & Frank!

For those of you who wanted to join us in Chattanooga, but were unable to, you can still be a beneficial presence. Donations of ANY size are always greatly appreciated to assist with tools, supplies, water, etc. on future service trips.
Chattanooga GO SOULAR Team
Chattanooga GO SOULAR Team

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