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Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Trip - Nov. 25 - Dec. 2, 2012

What a blessing it was for us to serve the displaced residents of New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We at GO SOULAR traditionally help those people who "fell through the cracks" and have no insurance, and so we found ourselves assisting in the sweet, overwhelmed community of Ventnor, NJ. We brought our loving, devoted consciousness to these wonderful people in need, along with our determined, physical strength to help in whatever way we were asked.
We began each day with prayer, meditation and setting personal intentions and then ventured out to the worksites -where we basically served as a "demolition team" to tear down the water damaged parts of the homes that will be rebuilt one day in the future. We used sledgehammers, crowbars, drills, saws, wheel barrels and whatever else we could get our hands on in order to pull down walls, rip out floors and haul wood, drywall & debris to the curbs. At the end of our uplifting service days, we gathered up again in the silence for our "gratitude circle" and shared our experiences of the day, how we were moved by the people we touched, in what ways we see anew and how grateful we are. It was truly a lovely week of expansion, depth and growth for all of us.

Our Volunteer Team consisted of 26 amazing souls from 6 different states who showed up with so much willingness, love and grace. And then we all went to work! It was a joy to serve in this way with such wonderful people. Please join me in holding them all in loving gratitude for saying YES to an 8-day excursion of service in the most heart-felt way:

Frank Benevento – New York
Kit Scripps – New Jersey
Kittie Rodriguez - Florida
Bob Kleypas - Idaho
Artem & Jill Gwen Braginets - California
David and Elaine Crowell - NJ
Ivy "Eevie" Peralta - California
Marianne & George Lods - NJ
Gloria Mazzagatti - Pennsylvania
Rev. Michelle Wadleigh - NJ
Elaine DeMars - NJ
Olga LeBron - NJ
Dana Marks - NJ
Amy, Armaan and Maya Saini - Ventnor, NJ
Karen Jaffe - California
Adam Martinez – California
Luke Kornbluh - NJ
Samantha ”Sammy” Fisher - NJ
Frank Campisi – NJ
Joyce Rylander - NJ
Mike Advena - Ventnor, NJ

Plus a huge shout out to Lorraine & Ray Kinsey who donated their time shares to give our volunteers free housing!! And also to Rev. Michelle Wadleigh, Elaine, Olga and Dana from Centers for Spiritual Living North Jersey who FED all of us volunteers everyday! And last, but definitely not least, to Flo "Pony" Frew, Marianne & George Lods, and "Aunt" Glor Mazzagatti who all helped Rev. Jill with the planning and preparation to make this trip a success! Thanks to ALL of you!!! This world is a better place because of YOU!