GO SOULAR's 2nd Trip - Ecuador
Our second volunteer service trip was to the small village of Calderon, Ecuador in August 2009 where we began each day with prayer, meditation and setting personal intentions. We then ventured off to 2 daycare facilities, a few miles apart, and worked with a women's organization to help children ages 6 months to 8 years old. We assisted the "Tias", painted the walls, created uplifting murals, and prepared the daycare facility to accomodate more children in the future. Our service of 2 weeks contributed towards their greater goal of improving their local community.
Global Outreach: Soaring On Unconditional Love And Radiance
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GO SOULAR's Ecuador Team
Lily Amirian, Santa Monica, CA
Stanley Bernard, Los Angeles, CA
Artem Braginets, Ukraine
Rev. Jill Gwen Braginets, Santa Monica CA
Florence "Pony" Frew, Boynton Beach, FL
Linda Liguori, San Francisco, CA

Our favorite memories of our service trip to Ecuador:


"My favorite memories include the camaraderie of our group, the many historic sites in Quito, the beautiful faces of local vendors, the breathtaking views, the children and mostly the babies of Calderon. Certainly exceeded my expectations!"

 --  Flo "Pony" Frew, Boynton Beach, FL

"It was not my intention to spend my vacation in service. I was going to be selfish with my time. But life had a different path for me to follow. One filled with amazing & generous people, an exciting vibrant city and loving innocent children. It was a selfish journey after all. "

         -- Linda Liguori, San Francisco, CA

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Flo ("Pony"), Linda, Lily, Artem, Rev. Jill, and Stanley


"Quote from Lily to come..."

         -- Lily Amirian, Santa Monica, CA

"What I remember most about Ecuador is the loving eyes of the children I served. Language wasn't necessary, the communication that developed among us transcended language, nationality, culture; it was a language of mutual trust and love. They allowed me into their world, and I in turn allowed them into my heart. And we played in the land of Wonder and Awe. I still see the beautiful dark, round eyets of the children, they will live in my heart forever."

                  --  Stanley Bernard, Los Angeles, CA

"I loved experiencing Ecuador and helping to build and paint the daycare center for the children of Calderon. It was my first trip with GO SOULAR and it is wonderful to be part of such important service work."

             --  Artem Braginets, Ukraine

"I'm grateful for everyone who came on the trip with us to Ecuador. What an amazing, deepening experience it was, personally and spiritually. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such loving, generous people who want to make the world a better place!"

                  --  Rev. Jill Gwen, Santa Monica, CA


One of the classes of 2-year olds with their Tia...