Global Outreach: Soaring On Unconditional Love And Radiance
Travel the World and Serve!
GO SOULAR was created through a spiritual visioning process lead by Rev. Jill Gwen Braginets who is an ordained
minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living.

GO SOULAR creates worldwide volunteer service trips so we can each live from a deeper place of love, compassion, forgiveness and human understanding.

Our intention is Personal Transformation through Global Service, and we are honored to do God's work in this particular way, from a selfless, loving and willing place.
"GO SOULAR" because "U" are at the center of the solar system, and anything that affects a solar universal change begins at a soulful level.

GO SOULAR's President Speech

Purpose Statement - GO SOULAR's purpose is to be a magnificent vehicle of love, transformation and service so that people can volunteer in helping create safe, healthy, self-sufficient communities around the world.  In this way, we experience the grace of God through serving our fellow man. Simply, we are here to build a better world.

Vision Statement - Through the power of unconditional love, spiritual radiance, and inexhaustible service, GO SOULAR's vision is to help create a world where people are fed, sheltered, safe and free.
GO SOULAR, a non-profit organization info@GOSOULAR.org Founding Minister - Rev. Jill Gwen Braginets