OUR SOUL PARTNERS - We are so blessed to have amazing partners that help feed us, guide us and nourish our souls.  Please visit our "soul partners".
Invisible Children - Laren Poole is one of the three founders of this amazing, non-profit organization called Invisible Children which helps save the child soldiers in Northern Uganda.  Rev. Jill refers to Laren as her "rock star of inspiration" and he was the impetus for creating GO SOULAR.  He helped us understand the full meaning of "ordinary people doing extraordinary things" and their work continues to touch us deeply.  Please visit their website to see their extraordinary work and the changes they are making in the world for peace.
United Centers for Spiritual Living - This is the spiritual organization based on the Science of Mind teachings of Ernest Holmes and is where Rev. Jill Gwen Braginets received her ministerial license and earned her Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies.  Learn more about this God-based philosophy of life, our churches and other ministries by visiting www.religiousscience.org
Global Volunteers - GO SOULAR has partnered with Global Volunteers which is a 20 year old non-profit organization with a presence in many countries all over the world.  We will continue our volunteer efforts through their expertise and we encourage you to visit their website also to see the amazing work they do in the world.  www.globalvolunteers.org
Agape International Spiritual Center - This is the spiritual home of Rev. Jill Gwen Braginets and of many of the beautiful souls connected with GO SOULAR, including our President, Stanley Bernard and Treasurer, Patricia Kingery who are both licensed spiritual practitioners at Agape.  Please visit Agape's website at
Global Outreach: Soaring On Unconditional Love And Radiance
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